Posted by: heartfull | January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

After a pleasant trip to to visit John’s family, we are back. While I could not ask for better relatives, I was very worried about visiting for as long as we did. We left Saturday around noon, arriving at 3:00 pm and left New Years Day, after lunch. Four days. I worried for nothing, though, as we ended up having a great trip.

We split our time between John’s parents home and my SIL, K’s, home. K has six kids and a fabulous house that lends itself to fun. It is something like a tri-level which makes the living room/dining room/library easily designated as the adult area. The kids have a great time monopolizing the rest of the house and it is chaotic fun to be there. I honestly don’t know how she does it. I would go insane. OK – the full time housekeeper helps – but still.

Saturday night K and her husband L took John and I to their country club for dinner to celebrate John’s graduation. The grandparents babysat all the kids at K’s. Dinner was wonderful – excellent food and plenty of well-chosen wine by L.

I paid the price on Sunday for all that expensive wine – total misery for the first half of the day. After an ibuprofen and church, though, John and I bought subs and took them to K’s and we spent the rest of the day there, though we were back at MIL’s right after dinner, knowing that the kids would be up late on NY’sE.

Monday (NY’sE) we spent most of the day at MIL’s. It was very nice and relaxed. I read some Terebithia to the girls, Mare played with the Polly Pockets Grandma got her for Christmas, Bird worked on her latch hook that she brought with her and Chip played with all of John’s old toys that MIL has saved. We headed over to K’s home about 3:00, .

John’s brother’s family joined us as well (they live about 45 minutes away.) It was a nice evening. MIL had made her famous brisket, and we had a wonderful dinner. The kids played and we all stayed up until midnight, talking, eating and playing Catchphrase. Just after midnight we took our whole family home, except Mare who wanted to spend the night with her cousins. Apparently they spent the night not sleeping. In response, Mare barfed all over the kitchen the next morning. With six kids, K is used to it, but I still felt really bad.

New Years Day we visited a while, and headed back to St. Louis around 1:30. We were driving through a bad snowstorm most of the way, so it was slow going. But we made it back, and just in time to stop by the neighbor’s Open House and enjoy a mimosa.


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