Posted by: heartfull | December 20, 2007

Perfect Santa

Bird was very clear this year.  She wanted Santa to bring her a fish tank.  And she wants to use her money to fill it with fish.  Easy-peasy.

Chip’s grandmother wanted to get him a spring horse, and wanted it to be his Santa gift, which I think is generous and selfless and I know he is going to be thrilled.

Mare was not so clear.  At first she simply told me she wanted Santa to bring her an “Underwater Theme”.  Um.  Ok.  I then got out of her that she wanted Peep’s family plus some squids and dolphins.   Peep’s family.  OMG (I thought.)  That is the stuffed penguin she got from the Dollar General store over two months ago with her tooth fairy money.  At the time, she had a choice of about five colored penguines, and she chose purple.  No way was a cheesy toy from the dollar store still going to be there, I thought, as I drove over there last week.  For once, I was right, dang it.  They did have some very similar Christmas penguins, but they are black and white with colored scarves.  They are the same manufacturer and cut from the same pattern, though, so they might pass as Peep’s relatives Christmas morning.  I bought two.

Yesterday, while shopping at a very awesome shop in my town, I found a Melissa & Doug over sized penguin which I bought, because I can not have my daughter wake up to two dollar-store-crappy stuffed animals.  I’m going to run over to a Hallmark store and check out the Beenie Babies – they might have more sea creatures that I can add.

Otherwise, I’m done.  Except for that one last thing at Walmart…


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