Posted by: heartfull | December 19, 2007

Chip’s first story

Chip did not want to give it up last night.  He was exhausted and frantic, running around our bedroom, tantruming about everything.  He wanted another book.  He wanted to nurse. He wanted the TV on.  He wanted to nurse.  He wanted Daddy’s flashlight.  He wanted to nurse – no he’s changed his mind, no nursing, he wanted Daddy’s harmonica.  Finally, we put everything away and I asked him if he wanted me to sing him his car song.  A couple months ago I made up words just for Chip to the tune of Judy Garland’s Trolley Song:

Voom voom voom goes the engine
Squeak, squeak squeak go the brakes
Swish, swish, swish go the wipers
These are the sounds a car can make.

He loves this song and usually it settles him down and helps him to fall asleep.  But he wouldn’t let me sing last night, because he didn’t want to fall asleep.  Duh.

So I asked if he wanted me to tell him a story.  This was new for him – something I did a lot for his sisters but I didn’t think he was old enough yet.  He said yes, and my mind started racing trying to come up with a simple plot.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Chip.  Chip loved to play with cars.  One day he was playing with his car when the wheel broke!  Oh no!  He was so sad, he started to cry.  He picked up his car and went looking for his mommy.  He looked everywhere upstairs but couldn’t find her.  He then carried his car downstairs to the basement and there she was – in the laundry room.  Chip showed mommy the car and she said “Oh no, buddy, your wheel broke off!  We can fix that.”  Mommy took Chip’s hand and they walked up the stairs and out to the garage where they found a screwdriver.  Then, mommy and Chip went back to the living room and sat down with the car and the broken wheel.  Using the screwdriver, they were able to fix it.  Yay! Chip was so happy.  He started playing with his car again.  The end.

I havent’ decided which publishing house to forward this literary gem to, but I’ll let you know the release date…

Chip was enraptured.  Enthralled.  He loved every minute of that little tale.  And he asked for another.  I would recite that  one as well, but I was so tired at that point that I really cant’ remember what the story was.  I know it involved a boy named Chip and a dog, playing frisbee.  But I remember that I started to drift off during the story and as a result, what I was saying made no sense.  The funny part was, Chip noticed.  When I said something totally crazy, like “They were playing frisbee, when all of a sudden the frisbee went over the fence!  Oh no!  And then the bear left his cave…” Chip picked his head up and looked at me, concerned that his mother was totally loosing it.  I’m impressed that he was following the story and knew when it wasn’t following the plot.  I seem to always underestimate my kids.

At some point, Chip went to sleep.  I don’t remember when, because I’m pretty sure I was asleep first.


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