Posted by: heartfull | December 13, 2007

Random Bits

Its roller skating time at school for the girls. I went yesterday to watch Bird and plan to go today to watch Mare. I only saw the last 10 minutes of Bird’s session, but it was fun. I can’t believe how much the Bird and her fellow 2nd graders have improved from last year. Much more coordinated, very little falling and lots of smiles.

I love being able to see things like this. It isn’t a party, it isn’t a holiday concert. It’s nothing you would take work off for. But Bird’s eyes lit up when I walked in and she was thrilled to show off her skills. Tons of kids skated over to say hi to Chip and I got a few hugs from some Brownies. I can’t imagine missing that.


Ahhhh – speaking of Brownies. Yesterday’s meeting was eventful. I realized yesterday morning that I couldnt’ get it all done on my own and sent a plea for help out to the moms. One mom replied and she came over and picked up the fleece for one blanket, took it home, and got it prepped for the girls to tie. That left me with just one to do and Chip was thrilled to watch Sesame Street while I did it.

I wanted to have a crock pot of hot chocolate for the girls to have with their Christmas cookies for snack. I boiled water and poured it into the crock pot and loaded it into the car, only spill the entire thing all over the front carpeting while driving to Walgreens for party supplies. Great. I ran home and boiled more water and just put the tea pot in my car – it is more secure.

The meeting was fine for the most part. Girls got wound up between making the blankets and starting craft. I couldn’t get the craft to work at first, and they used the opportunity to act like little banshees. I lost it then. Raised my voice and told them all to sit down and act appropriately or I would make them sit on the carpet quietly until their parents got there – an hour later. They did. We got the crafts going and all was fine again until the end. But, the end is always crazy. Trying to get things wrapped up, cleaned up and out the door. I’m afraid I always look like a crazy woman at those times. I mentioned to a mom that I had kind of lost it with the girls and she said something to the effect that she couldn’t imagine me doing that. Oh my. Just another example of how we mothers all think everyone else does it better.

The girls brought cookies in and a mom boxed them up during the meeting. We then delivered one set to the fire station and one to the police station. By that time, I was so ready for it to be over. Which it was. I practically ran to my car because…

Then! Our family met another family at a local bar and grill for dinner. I hadn’t seen them since school started and it was so nice to catch up. And the kids played together like they always do.

I have to take a pot of chili to school on Friday morning because I have this strange affliction called “Can’t-Say-No”. It is Teacher Appreciation Day and PTO is doing a Chili Cook-off and there is even a prize for the winning chili – a $25 gift card to Chili’s Restaurant! Problem is, I said I would bring that Vegetarian (eggplant) Chili (and the coordinator was all over that idea) before I knew about the prize and people, I don’t think my vegetarian chili will win any prizes, because, well, its vegetarian. Then again, I’m making for a bunch of women, so maybe I can hold out hope.


John’s graduation is tomorrow. The kids are attending the ceremony, then my sister is picking them up while we go to dinner with our parents to celebrate. I had to practically force John to pick a nicer restaurant. It’s not my graduation, but when I have the opportunity to eat out without the kids, I don’t want to eat anywhere where there might be kids.


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