Posted by: heartfull | December 12, 2007

John! and other antics.

Chip insists on calling his dad by his given name.  Like the other night:

Me:   “Oh look!  You found daddy’s old baseball.  (thinking about the harm he could inflict to house and body should he decide to heave it in a random direction as he seems to be inclined to do with just about everything…)  Why don’t you take that upstairs to daddy and give it to him?  Daddy would really love that.”

Chip:  “Joooooooohn” (as he walks up the stairs and finds his daddy.)

John:  “That is dad to you, Chip.”

Chip:  (with a sly smile) “John!”

It is so cute, I have a very hard time not giggling.  Reactions, of course, only encourages a two year old to repeat said action.  Especially if the reaction is something that indicates he should not actually be doing what got him the reaction.

Along those lines, Chip has discovered the fun of putting his finger in his nose.  When I got home yesterday, Emmy put Chip in my car to take Mare to school.  As soon as she plopped him down he looked at her and put his finger in his left nostril.  Emmy looked at me and said “Look at your him!  He has been driving me crazy all day!”  We laughed because, well, when the kid just starts to to do it, it is pretty cute (especially since he isn’t actually digging around.)  Obviously, the novelty will wear off quickly, so we’re trying to nip it in the bud, as illustrated by my conversation with John last night:

John: “I guess I’ll have to quit picking at my nose in front of Chip.”

Me: “Um, yeah.   That might help…”


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