Posted by: heartfull | December 6, 2007

My power will be going out in T-4 hours.

I used to be able to count on my municipality’s infrastructure. Our power never went out. Now, should the wind whisper a bit, it is gone. Of course, this isn’t that big of a deal. I can sit in the dark for a while, put my coat on, avoid opening the refrigerator. If it gets to be over a couple hours, I head over to my mom’s house where the homes are newer and have underground power lines. I can handle all this. What I can’t handle is the digital clocks.

We have battery-operated digital clocks in the bedroom. The rest of the house has old-fashioned clocks except, of course, the kitchen. The oven is pretty straight forward, as is the under-counter radio. The microwave, though, is ridiculous. It wants to know not only the current time, but am/pm and the day, month and year. Hello? Why does my microwave need to know the day, month and year? Is there some programming function I don’t know about? Can I put my raw chicken in on the morning of the 15th, knowing I want it thawed at 4:00 pm on the 18th? One might think this would be for daylight savings time adjustments, but no. The microwave has never self-adjusted in that case. In fact, DST is another time when I rage against the machine, because once again I have to re-program.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could remember whether it wants the date as 12_06_07 or 12_06_2007. But I never can and I always have to start the whole process over again because invariably I guess wrong and it

Don’t even get me started on why on-line ordering forms won’t let me type out “MO” for my state, instead forcing me to use a cumbersome drop down box that requires –shudder- scrolling. What, I am trusted to get my zip code right, but they think I can’t remember that Missouri is MO and not MS?



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