Posted by: heartfull | December 5, 2007


My co-worker is pregnant.  And people, she is glowing.

I thought she was pretty enough when I hired her.  All summer, though, she dressed for the office like a day at the beach.  She is part time, we are a casual office and she is good at what she does – in other words, I let the slightly-too casual attire slide.   I noticed an improvement this fall, though.  The flip flops and tank tops are gone.  She has been styling her hair, her make up looks really good and her clothes are more professional.  I chalked it up to cool weather styles until a couple weeks ago when she announced she was 12 weeks along.  Then I realized that the improvement was more than superficial.  It wasn’t the makeup, the nicer hairstyles or the clothes that I had been noticing.

Quite simply, pregnancy agrees with her.    If I asked her, I’m sure she would go on and on as we all do about how whale-ish she feels.  I would then have to tell her that I couldn’t disagree more.  Truly, she is beautiful these days – isn’t nature grand?



  1. I will never be one of those girls :(

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