Posted by: heartfull | November 29, 2007

Sleep Time

I have been dragging the last week or so.  I didn’t exactly get what Mare had,  but I got something and one of the ways it is manifesting its self is complete exhaustion in the evenings.  This exhaustion is intense, to the point that, come 6:30 pm, I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t get into bed.

Of course, with John trying to finish up his last semester and three kids to care for, I am so not able to accommodate my body’s wishes.  And that means I get short tempered and snappy.  Sorry kids.  I mean, really, I’m sorry.  You don’t deserve to be yelled at for minor infractions.

I get tired of them trying to stay awake, though.  Please, dear child, don’t fight it.  Your body wants to sleep.  If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have to ask for a cup of water, throw yourself around on the bed, kick the wall, shake your head, or for that matter, cry.

I get tired of yelling “If I hear one more noise, I’m turning out the hall light” or “Mare, quit kicking the wall” or “Stop talking!”

I really wish Mare and Bird had their own rooms.  Because Bird needs her sleep and Mare keeps her awake. Heck, I really wish I had my own room.  Because mom needs her sleep and Chip keeps me awake.  Let’s not even talk about John’s increased snoring lately; even with an addition to the house, I figure I’ll still have to put up with that – so why brood.



  1. I was sick this weekend with possibly what you have now. It was the flu and my family graciously passed it on to me at Thanksgiving dinner. Do you feel like you’ve aged 30 years in one hour? My bones hurt. Well, it felt like my bones hurt, and I was completely exhausted for three days.

    Here’s to hoping you feel better soon (:

  2. Actually, though, the tiredness is the worst of whatever i have (had – it seems to be gone.) I don’t know if I would even call it the flu – I was never achy which is how I always diagnose “flu”.

    I felt a lot better last night. I was even able to make a late night run to Walgreens for more toothpaste for the kids – no way were we getting even one more brushing out of the old tube.

    Sounds like you are on the mend as well! Enjoy your movie tonight.

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