Posted by: heartfull | November 22, 2007

and on and on

Mare climbed in bed with me this morning with her pajama top off.  I asked her why and she said someone spilled water on her bed last night and her shirt got all wet.  Huh? I thought, but didn’t think much more about it.  I think I might have briefly wondered if she had vomited, but dismissed it as being crazy. She would have woken me up, I was sure.  I let her cuddle me for a minute while I nursed Chip, then we got up to try out a new cookbook I got for my birthday.  In the kitchen I looked at her hair, smelled her hair, and then realized that it wasn’t water that got all over her last night.  The poor kid threw up again and is so used to it now that she didn’t even wake up.  Poor baby!

Mare has the most sensitive  stomach.  Always has.  She vomits whenever she gets the flu.  This time she seems to feel fine, though she only occasionally has an appetite.  She started last Friday night, so last night was night 6 (though she didn’t vomit on Sunday – thus I sent her to school on Monday.)  Call the doctor?  I guess not since she isn’t running a fever and does eat and drink at times.  She definitely isn’t dehydrated.  Maybe I’ll call on Saturday if she is still throwing up.


Since we aren’t having Thanksgiving Day dinner today (we are doing it tomorrow at my mom’s) I decided to make homemade donuts out of my new cookbook “America’s Best Lost Recipes” by America’s Test Kitchen for breakfast.  They had nutmeg and cinnamon in the batter and were subtly spicy and very good.  It was a fun thing to do with Mare and Bird.


We are headed to the 100th anniversary of the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi today.  Football, that is.  My alma mater and my kid’s future school.  Should be fun, but cold.  We’ll see if we stay past halftime.


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