Posted by: heartfull | November 21, 2007

PictureMate Dash

I used my birthday money to buy a PictureMate Dash. The Dash prints 4×6 snapshots and nothing else, so it is a bit of an extravagance. But when I researched the issue, the other photo printers that also served as regular home-based printers seemed to have drawbacks – they used tons of toner and didn’t print regular black and white documents very well. Plus, I don’t see myself ever printing pictures larger than 4×6 at home.

I ordered it from Amazon, paying $99 with free 2-day shipping (ended up being 3-day, but it was free so I’m not getting my panties in a twist.) I got it yesterday and love it. While I wouldn’t say the pictures are perfect, they are so close that I’m still thrilled. There is a very slight graininess, but seriously, you have to practically get out the magnifying glass to see this.

And easy! So easy even I could do it once I figured out how to get power to the unit. Yes, I was flummoxed for a while because I had the cord plugged into the wall and yet couldn’t see where it plugged into the unit. I was getting really mad since the book that came with it did not address this issue (because Epson, they are thinking that most people would intuitively know how to do this. And I’m agreeing with them even as I search the cube for a plug that fits the cord. And yet, I still couldn’t find it. And I was getting really mad at Epson for making me feel like an idiot.)

Then I found the fold out sheet in the printer box that said “Start Here” in big, huge letters and the set up process was all explained, very clearly. I’m not really undestanding why the “start here” directions weren’t a chapter in the manual, but ok. At least they were somewhere.

I snapped some pictures of Mare, stuck the memory card in the printer, picked a non-blurry one to print, and out it came. Surprisingly quick, vivid and convenient.

I’m in heaven.


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