Posted by: heartfull | November 19, 2007

Book Club

I had book club tonight. I love getting together with groups of smart, funny, thoughtful women. Wine, cheese, cookies, and cake were served. I drank and ate just a little too much but had a wonderful time.

I need to get out more often. It results in a much happier mama.



  1. I was in a book club once, with a bunch of young women I didn’t really know, and I found them to be a little too pretentious for my taste. What book are you guys reading?

  2. November was my pick, and I chose Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Greely and Truth & Beauty by Ann Patchett.

    We don’t normally do two books, but these two just beg to be discussed in tandem. Autobiography is a memoir to Lucy’s childhood battle with cancer and its resulting disfigurement. Truth was Ann’s memoir of her difficult but rich friendship with Lucy.

    December is Middlesex as noted in my “Up Next” sidebar.

    Most of us are in our mid 30s to early 40s. Most have children (many go to the same grade school, but not all.) We are fun and casual. Last night, two of the women hadn’t had time to read the book, but this in and of itself provided laughs.

    Man, this needs to be my post for today :).

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