Posted by: heartfull | November 18, 2007

Child’s Birthday Party = Most Excellent Parenting Tool (the experts love me)

Bird tried to get out of going to PSR today by claiming her pants were ruined because they touched the floor that her sister’s bare bottom has touched in the past year.

“Fine then, my little high-maintenance child. If you don’t go to PSR, wearing these pants, then you wont’ be going to Sophia’s birthday Party this afternoon and, as a matter of fact, I’ll just call her mom right now and cancel our positive RSVP. No, dear child, you may not get another pair of pants. These are the only pants you may wear. I don’t care if there are 50 other clean pairs in your drawer. These perfectly clean pants are the only ones you may wear because I am not giving in. “

After many tears and a fake call to Sophia’s mother, Bird decided she would lower her standards and wear the pants. I wish we always had a birthday party as it is a very effective motivator.


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