Posted by: heartfull | November 15, 2007

Mom, Wife, Used Car Saleswoman

While apparently I’m very good at selling used cars (ha!) I told my husband that if he ever does that to me again, I’ll have to kill him. The stress! We listed the car at 11:00 AM and by 1:30 we had two people standing on my front porch wanting to buy our Passat with 175,000 miles on it.

But I got $200 more than we were asking. Which obviously means we under priced it. Maybe. The car has problems. I know the problems. I’m glad it is gone.

OK, wait. I just looked it up on the Kelly Blue Book web site. Hell ya we underpriced it. By something like $1,600. Even with the problems it has, I’m thinking we gave someone a good deal. Hmm. We might be returning a deposit.


Bird made her First Reconciliation last night. She was so adorably nervous and then proud.


Mare is ready to read. She is working really hard on sounding out letters and writing titles t0 her artwork. I need to focus on her more; give her the time and attention she needs. It seems like every time I sit down with her, though, something or someone else suddenly requires attention. She deserves more from me.

With out any help from mom, though, she managed to obtain “4”s in all math areas on her report card that were graded this quarter. This indicates she has already surpassed Kindergarten expectations for math. Go Mare!


I wish we could just finish Holes. We have maybe 10 more pages but we just haven’t had time to read. Maybe tonight.


Chip and I went to the bank yesterday and he picked up the teller’s name plate. I told him he couldn’t play with it and that this block of wood told us her name was Jill. I then finished my business and we went to leave about 3 minutes later. Chip waved and yelled “bye” as we left. The teller smiled and said bye as well. Chip paused and then yelled “Bye, Jill” in a soft little voice. I was so surprised he remembered her name (he uses 2 and 3 word sentences regularly.) Mom thought it was adorable and proceeded to call not only daddy but grandma as well.

You know, nature is a wonderful thing. I remember my friend’s daughter talking very early. In fact when she said “Izzy fell down and get hurt” at 18 months, I about fell out of my chair. That is amazing. And yet, I glow with pride when my 27 month old says “bye, Jill”, something which my head knows is probably not remarkable. But my heart doesn’t care. And thank goodness, because that is what makes parenting awesome.



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