Posted by: heartfull | November 13, 2007

Excuse me while I brag.

Anyone unrelated to me might want to stop reading right now. I find it annoying when bloggers brag about their children’s accomplishments. Then again, my blog is my journal of my childrens’ lives. And right now I’m pretty darned proud.

John took Bird to the library on Saturday afternoon and she picked out two books. Judy Blume’s Superfudge (or one in that series) and the newest Clementine book. Bird read Superfudge on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. She then started Clementine and finished it Monday after school. Wow. The girl loves to read. And she is good. Her report card indicated she has already surpassed 2nd grade expectations. The best part is her favorite place to read. Classically, it is the bathroom. I don’t think she is actually using the bathroom, though it may start out that way. It is quiet, yet close to the family so she isn’t “alone”. I think she was in there for about two hours on Saturday.

Bird has been taking piano for just under a year now and I’m very proud of her accomplishments. I was hoping she had inherited her dad’s ear for music. I don’t think I can tell just yet, but no matter; she loves piano. Over the weekend she taught herself Twinkle Twinkle Little Star without sheet music. By ear. I never could have done that, even after seven years of lessons (then again, I doubt I should use my own musical non-abilities as a benchmark.) Anyways, her lesson last night was “solo night”, which means the parents come in and listen to a few things they are working on (right now they are listening to the difference between the C Major chord and the G Major chord and getting into sharps and flats.) Then the girls each play one of two pieces (their choice) with out music. Bird always chooses the slightly harder solo choice and has received compliments from Ms. Marsha because of it. Bird had not played her solo all that well during practice last week. But as with every other time, she has this amazing ability to pull it off. The memory of watching her up there, sitting properly with perfect hand position as she played through “Love Somebody” with only a small, sweet mistake at the end will, hopefully, always stick with me.

I love you Bird!


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