Posted by: heartfull | November 11, 2007


The kids had a great time raking leaves today… That is when Bird wasn’t having a meltdown about her little brother jumping in her pile. Horrors!


After being screamed at for jumping in the really huge, really fun-looking pile, Chip decided to do his own thing:


Mare, too, was getting the hairy eyeball if she even approached the pile, so she broke out on her own:


Once Bird’s raking was done and the pile deemed large enough, though, she did allow the other two to partake in the fun. They had a great time jumping in it. I thought I had a good Christmas photo, but when I looked at them later, I could see that Mare’s eyes were crossing too much. That darn patch she has to wear just wears out her eyes and they cross the rest of the day after wearing it. I’m assuming that will improve.

All three


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