Posted by: heartfull | November 10, 2007

Saturday Variety

I’m using my birthday money to buy a new Christmas tree. Last year was pathetic. Our prelit tree, purchased in 2001 or so from K-Mart, is so done. Branches were broken, only about 1/4 of the lights actually lit up. It depressed me every time I looked at it.

John really wants a mulit-colored pre lit tree. I do too – I’m sick of all white. But I also want the best value, and right now Sam’s on line has a 7.5′ pre-lit tree with 1500 lights for $175. That is a lot of lights. But they are white.

What to do, what to do…


Bird had her last soccer game today and is already talking about next season. I’m glad. For as much as I complained about the late practices, I actually like soccer; I like the games, the camaraderie and the activity. We’ll see how she feels about it next May, though, when we have to actually sign up.


Mare had an eye doctor appointment on Wednesday. The good news was she didn’t need a new prescription (I had just bought her a new pair of glasses in September.) The hard news was she has “turned off” her right eye and is only using her left. To correct this, she has to wear a patch on her left eye for two hours a day, which she hates. Today was the first day that we got her to actually keep it on for the full two hours. And now her right eye is exhausted and is crossing. Poor baby.

I was going to have Emmy patch it in the morning before she goes to afternoon kindergarten. But with the resulting crossing, I’m thinking that wouldn’t be such a good idea. We’ll have to do it at night or right after school.


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