Posted by: heartfull | November 9, 2007

Who? What? Where?

The big debate in our house is who is going to do what. I’m not sure how other parents get their kids to stick with activities long term. Mine seem to have no interest in doing this. Which I’m fine with – they are too young to be tied down to one thing. For example, though, there are many little girls who take ballet from age three on. Don’t they ever get tired of it? Do their parents just insist? Because, my god, the whining if I were to insist…

All that is to say, Mare is tired of ballet. And really, I can’t blame her. At observation day on Tuesday, I was sitting there thinking “wow, this is boring.”

She has decided she wants a gift certificate for a gymnastics class for Christmas. Perfect, and I love her sense of frugality.

Bird is also tired of ballet, but she wants to do the recital, so she is going to stick it out until June. Only having to pay for one recital costume is a very good thing.

The fall choir concert Bird had last weekend rejuvenated her choir-love. At least for this week’s rehersal. The season only runs until March 4th, and they are off the entire month of December. This is good news but then I’m thinking, um, that was short, making it feel even more expensive. I mean, I’m glad it is short. I just wish it was cheaper.

Have I mentioned soccer is over? If you doubt my joy, just come over to my house on Tuesday nights and watch my getting my kids in bed at 7:30. I will have a big grin on my face the whole time.

Bird actually practiced piano last night. I do not look forward to having two kids in piano because:

  1. One, making them practice is one of those annoying parenting tasks I dread and
  2. the money. My god the money all this costs.

Chip says he would like to take those backhoe operating classes he read about. Classes starts in January.


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