Posted by: heartfull | November 8, 2007

Want to come over for some chicken?

Why am I continuously disappointed by my cakes when I always seek out the easiest possible recipe I can find on the internet? I have no excuse. Of course, when I pull out my Silver Palate cookbook and it calls for something called hazelnut paste, I get a little discouraged. I’m telling ya, I just wanted to make them a yellow cake with chocolate frosting in an 8×8 pan – like the Jiffy box. But without all those bad ingredients. Hazelnut paste? Sigh.

Also, I have officially named myself the Frosting Looser. It is true. I have n-e-v-e-r succeeded in making a presentable homemade cake frosting. This confuses me because frosting should be easy. What is my problem? I have no idea. My frosting comes out lumpy, runny and (last night) grayish. I follow the directions to a T! What the heck am I doing wrong?

I overcooked the cake and it was dry. This was unrelated to the too-easy recipe, thus I’m separating it into its own paragraph.

But! I succeeded for the first time in making a picture-perfect roast chicken. I am notorious around these parts for under cooking chicken. I hate dry chicken. Then again, John has this thing about non-pink chicken. And there in lies the rub… Not last night though! It found new instructions for a family favorite that had me bake the chicken pieces for 40 minutes at 400 degrees before adding the potatoes and baking another hour. This is 50 degrees hotter and 40 minutes longer than my old recipe. The skin was crispy and brown and beautiful, just like the magazine pictures. I was filled with pride as I gazed at it…

Then this conversation occurred:

Sara: Wasn’t this chicken good? (asked for the 26th time…)

John: Uh, yeah. It was baked chicken.

Sara:    Wow.  This chicken is so good!

John:    Yeah.  Um, was the meat in the freezer for a while?

Sara: Oh – yeah. Ha ha ha. Yeah, um, I found it downstairs in the freezer – the label said Best if used by November 6, 2006. Kinda funny I used it almost one year to the day after the expiration, don’t you think? Ha ha. But you know, it was, uh, frozen the whole time…

John: silently contemplates his chicken…

Sara: Listen buddy, we are on a budget until Friday. I’m scavenging. Anyways, did you notice the crispy skin? So nicely browned! And crispy!

John: silently contemplates his wife



  1. What I was thinking was…”OMG, I just ate seriously expired chicken!”. In any case, it was a valiant effort and much appreciated. No comparison to the Turkey debacle of Thanksgiving 2006. Looking forward to the farm fresh pot roast tonight!

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