Posted by: heartfull | November 5, 2007


Bird had her first concert yesterday. Their are five levels of choirs in the chorale. Hers, the Carollers, are the only non-audition choir (though I really have no idea how hard it is to gain a seat in this chorale.) It was a lovely concert, with each choir singing an interesting selection, some traditional, some contemporary. The Carollers’ sang Life of a Pirate Child by Vijay Singh. It was cute and a fun one for second graders. Bird was in the front row and so got to do some cute hand motions to go along with the song. I don’t know if she was in the front row because she is good or because of luck, but as a parent I was pleased. The concert ended with all the groups singing a beautiful song together.

I was worried about taking Chip to the concert but I should have known it would be fine. He loves music. He sat quietly on our laps, watching as each choir performed.
All the grandparents were there. After the concert, there was a cookie reception, which was Mare’s favorite part. Grandma and Grandpa H took us to Lester’s for dinner before they headed back to Peoria. Man that place has good food!

Due to turning back the clocks, we were able to get them in bed immediately upon arriving home. Nothing like a 6:30 bed time. Woo-hoo for clocks falling back!


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