Posted by: heartfull | November 1, 2007


It was fun. As with any party, I didn’t really get to relax and enjoy it. But I still enjoyed watching everyone else enjoy themselves. Martyr, right? But, Ina Garten aside, has any hostess truly enjoyed herself at her own party?

No luminaries. Probably would have been too dangerous anyways.

I didn’t have enough drinks. I asked people to bring and appetizer and their own drinks, but they took to mean alcohol, which, in all honesty, is usually what it means. I had beer, a few sodas, lots of hot chocolate, and, um, nothing else. Probably should have had some bottled water.

The eggplant vegetarian chili was very good and I got lots of nice comments. John was very impressed and said he liked it a lot and thought it was a bonus that it was heart-healthy.  The mummy dogs were cute, though they weren’t anywhere near as cute as the picture in the paper.  I don’t think the kids ate them, though, and they were all gone at the end of the night.  I’m thinking the hot dogs rounded out the eggplant vegetarian chili quite nicely…

The kids all seemed to have a great time. I brought out the two cans of silly string and six glow sticks that I had (I had meant to get back to the dollar store, but didn’t make it.) Even though there wasn’t enough, they still had fun with it. Heck, kids are good at making their own fun – I don’t think they even needed the the silly string and glow sticks.

My parents came over to see the kids’ costumes and have some dinner. This morning, my dad said one of the neighbors was going on about how much fun this was and we should have a neighborhood get-together once a month. Ahem. I had the last one back on July 4th, and that was the first one anyone has ever done. As in, nobody else has bothered to do it. Hey! Great idea, neighbor – tag – your next!



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