Posted by: heartfull | October 31, 2007


Once again, I ask: Who has 7 and 8 year olds practicing from 7 to 8 pm? I’m exhausted, Bird’s exhausted, Mare and Chip are exhausted. Bird actually did pretty good after we got home – a little crankiness, but what can you expect? It was me who was at the end of her rope.

You know, if this were a competitive league, I could understand. But it isn’t. It is the local church. These girls have won one game all season and usually don’t score at all during a game. I would make Bird quit, but

  1. she loves practices (not games),
  2. the team is very low on players and I feel a sense of responsibility, and
  3. this wouldn’t be so hard if John weren’t in class on Tuesdays and he could take her while I put the younger two to bed – but is that her fault?

The other team that is practicing on the full size field at the same time? They look like 7th graders.


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