Posted by: heartfull | October 30, 2007

Halloween Party

Over the past seven years that we have lived in our house, our neighborhood has changed a lot. At first, we were the youngest family on the street, by about 30 years. No kids, all senior citizens. Slowly, though, it has turned over. There are now four homes in addition to ours with kids, and a new family with three kids (I’ve heard) is about to move in. Because the homes are ranches, the street still attracts empty nesters, but that is ok – I like the mix (they really dote on their lawns.) I’ve always wanted to live on a street that was very active, with the neighbors getting to together from time to time and the kids playing together in between.

This summer I had a Fourth of July party. I invited my usual mix of friends plus any of the families with young kids from our street. It was fun. My kids loved it; I have infected them with the party bug.

I decided to do something of the same sort for Halloween. John and I plan to put our fire pit out on the driveway for some after-trick-or-treating fun. I’m thinking I will make some chili – Elise’s dad’s <a href=””>Vegetarian Chili</a> looked fabulous. Maybe some hot dog mummies (wrap thawed dough for rolls around a hot dog and bake 10 minutes – they were in the paper and looked adorable.) Probably nothing else, though, save for a few crackers for the chili.

I’m going to make paper-bag luminaries today for the driveway. I’ll set out silly string and glow sticks for the kids to play with. Add a little beer, warm apple cider and hot chocolate and I think it will be a fun evening. Probably short as it is a school night and most of the kids (except mine) are only two.

I really love to entertain in small, relaxed ways.


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