Posted by: heartfull | October 29, 2007


Edit:  I corrected the time zone adjustment and so this post, which was actually the first one I posted today, is appearing last because it was posted before I corrected.  Thus, everything seems out of order.  So sorry!

Last night was bad. First, I stayed up too late trying to squeeze in time for me. The best thing I could have done for myself was gone to bed. But my Id was being selfish. Anyways, I got the house picked up, then, around 9:30, proceeded to read a little Real Simple followed by a crossword puzzle. When I got so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I went to bed and tried to turn my bedside light on, so I could torture myself a little more. Chip, though, wasn’t sleeping hard enough, and started to stir. I resorted to the TV. I proceeded to watch America’s Test Kitchen before finally letting myself fall asleep at 11:30.

Chip, whom I’ve never gotten around to night-weaning, woke up many times last night to nurse. I have to night wean him. It’s just that I know he will be really pissed about it, and I’m just not up for the fight. But I’m getting there.

Mare had a bad dream and asked me to crawl in bed with her. I think this was around 2:30.

Bird had a bad dream and woke at 4:30 or so. Something about painfully turning into a witch (ala Harry Potter and Polyjuice Potion, I’m sure) and wanted to tell me all about it. By the time we discussed the probability of this actually happening to her, and I took her temperature (she is turning into a hypochondriac, I swear) it was almost 5:00 am and time for me to get up. Bird never went back to sleep. I jumped in the shower, but heard her wimpering when I got out. I went in to comfort her, only to hear Chip wake up. I went in and laid down with him and nursed him back to sleep. Bird followed and tried to sleep at the foot of our bed. I tried to finish getting ready for work, but eventually heard John getting angry with Bird, so I took her back to her bed, turned on her reading lamp and left her reading Judy Moody.

What a night – what a morning.


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