Posted by: heartfull | October 27, 2007

C is for Cookie

Have I indicated that while Chip can be challenging, he can also be completely charming? Walking in public with him is always amazing. He likes to wave and give a very clear “hi!” to people as he passes them. It catches people by surprise but I always see a big grin on their faces. I especially like to see positive reaction he gets from the teen aged boys dressed in their suburban ghetto gear, walking home from high school (we pass them on our way to pick up the girls from school.)

Yesterday at Trader Joe’s I was contemplating the myriad of lotions (dry weather has hit.) I look over at Chip who is contemplating the selection of antiperspirants. He chooses one and starts rubbing it (still sealed, of course) on one armpit, than switches hands and rubs the other arm pit. I thought the lady next to us was going to loose her lunch she was laughing so hard.

Chip is big on kisses. Big, puckery kisses that he holds on his face until the intended recipient makes contact. He wants to kiss everyone upon leaving their presence. Moms, dads, nannies and grandparents appreciate this. The barber after Chip’s first haircut? Taken aback, but charmed nonetheless.

Chip is mad almost every morning that he wakes up and finds me gone. Mostly John doesn’t tell me about this as he knows it will break my heart. But Wednesday he and Emmy called me at work to tell me what Chip did that morning. He woke up a little late, so Emmy was already there. John heard him wake up and went in. Chip looked at him and said “No!”. John left. Chip continued to pout in our bedroom. Emmy went in to check on him a few minutes later. Chip saw her coming down the hallway. He once again yelled “no!” and then proceeded to slam the door in her face. Yes, I’m aware this might not be cute when he is four. But at two? We all thought it was hilarious.


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