Posted by: heartfull | October 25, 2007

Technical difficulties

Where did my blogroll go? OK – I know where it went. I tried to get all fancy and add a sidebar about what I’m currently reading. Thought I was all big stuff now that I made my own masthead (which, obviously has its own technical difficulties – but I need my sister to help me fix that.) When I added the new “Comment” widget and typed “Reading”, I was proud. I was confident. I thought I was adding to the existing sidebar, not replacing it.

I looked under widgets, which is where I went to add my “reading” sidebar. But I don’t see a “blogroll” widget. Grrrr.

John and I decided last night I should simply reload a new theme, getting back my blogroll, and then go back to my old theme. Nope. When I viewed the new theme, the only thing in my sidebar was my “Reading” section. These templates are too smart for me.


Edit to add:  I found it!


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