Posted by: heartfull | October 24, 2007


I hate Tuesdays.

First off, C refused to nap, even though I tried. I tried very hard because mommy really needed a nap. I finally put on Clifford and dozed for 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, what I am about to describe is a typical Tuesday afternoon. I actually think this is a very bad thing and I wish I could fix it, but I don’t see a way out of it.

I pick the girls up from school at 3:30, hand them both a banana and immediately head over to the dance studio. C finally fell asleep on the way over. MG changes in the car in the parking lot. I left a sleeping C and B in the car while I ran MG in for her 4:00 class.

I ran back outside and tried to think of way to convince B that she did indeed want to go to choir.  She had been telling me since school pick up that she wanted to go home and sketch. So, while C continued to nap in the car, we stopped by a little park, opened the van door so I could keep an eye on him, and B and I walked around and picked out a scene she wanted to draw later. Thankfully, this did the trick and took her into choir (while C slept in the locked car) at 4:30.

I got back to dance at 5:00, waited until I saw other dancers coming out, and locked a sleeping C in the car while I ran in and grabbed MG and ran out, carrying her because I wasn’t going to take the time to put on her shoes or cover up (this studio requires a cover up at all times outside the studio – and they are militant about enforcing this rule; I find this thoughtful yet inconvenient.)

MG declares she is starving. I drive to McD’s (see – I said I cave sometimes – but wait! see what I buy…) and get a Hugo ice tea and two Fruit and Nut Salads as I know B will be hungry too. Back to choir.  Once again, C is still sleeping, so I wait until I see kids coming out and I lock him and MG in the car while I dash in to get B. When we get back out again, C is awake and eating the remains of MG’s salad (she is so thoughtful – of course she would share her snack with him!)

We head home and I make quesadillas. I then get B over to soccer from 7 to 8.  And then we go to bed.  The end.

Please stop the insanity.


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