Posted by: heartfull | October 22, 2007


C is two.  Did you hear that?  Because if you didn’t, I’ll repeat it.  His job is two and he taking his duties very seriously.

B and MG never really took their job as two year olds very seriously.  C is apparently aware of their slacker attitude towards two and has taken it upon himself to make up for it.  In spades.

John walks in from work and says “Hi C!” to which C petulantly responds “NO!”

C meanders into the kitchen to find the dishwasher running.  And he didn’t turn it on.  Oh my GAWD!  The world is ending, RIGHT NOW, unless it is turned off, the bits of disintegrated soap tablet removed, and the entire cycle started over, initiated by C.  Environment be dammed!

MG has a toy.  A very interesting toy.  It is C’s!  NOW!  Poor MG – she pleads for her mother to intervene and all I can drone is “  I said NOW!”

Who says C isn’t supposed to stand in the refridgerator looking at the bright lights?  Who is that mother to stop him?  No way.  He will scream until he is allowed to stand their for hours on end, staring, uninterrupted.

Oh – and dead bolts?  Did you know two year olds are tall enough and smart enough to unlock not only the lock on the door knob but the dead bolt as well?  This means that my particular two year old can leave the house at will.  And he wills it.  Often.

Good thing C is also very good at being cute and loving.  It kinda makes me forget.  Kinda.


In other two year old news, C has been complaining about his right eye.  He rubs it often.  Sometimes he spontaneously starts crying out “hurts, hurts” and then starts rubbing it.  There is no redness, discharge, signs of sinus infection or outward signs of muscle weakness.  We have an appointment with an eye doctor today.  We can’t get into to see MG’s pediatric eye doctor until November but the on call doctor I spoke with on Friday felt he shouldn’t wait that long.

MG has Accommodative Esotropia.  Her eyes started subtly crossing at about 2 1/2 years and she got her first pair of glasses just before her third birthday.  While her glasses are adorable, I hope C doesn’t have the same thing as glasses are expensive and MG’s have to be replaced every 4 to 6 months.  Plus, glasses are a pain and no one hopes for their child’s life to be more difficult than it has to be.


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