Posted by: heartfull | October 20, 2007

Up, down and in the middle.

I got home today and Emmy pulled me aside and told me she couldn’t believe the conversation she just had with my girls.  They were sitting at the kitchen table looking at the “My Scene” figure they got from McD’s with Emmy and her mom yesterday.  For the record, Emmy’s mom treats them to McDs every once in a while and they love it.  Mom isn’t as nice (though I’ve been known to cave.)

B and MG are noticing that the doll’s nipples are pointing up (why the hell would a McD’s toy have NIPPLES????)  They start talking about the fact that her nipples point up.  But!  Mom’s nipples don’t point up, they point down.  This is confusing, they decide.  Emmy, they ask, do your nipples point up or down?  Emmy is supressing giggles, but manages to avoid a complete description by telling them hers are kind of in the middle.

I love that woman.


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