Posted by: heartfull | October 18, 2007

Absolutely Insane Halloween Costumes. Why am I doing this?

Mommy guilt.  I  blame it on the mommy guilt.  They asked nicely, they asked sweetly, they looked at me with those adoring eyes.  Oh, I resisted.  I even lectured them about how busy I am.  I work 6 hours a day, all before noon.  I’m PTO treasurer.  I’m a Brownie leader.  I help in their classroom.  I do the mounds of laundry.  I clean the house.  I play with them.  I read books to them.  I actually said these things to them.

They didn’t care.

They wanted their mom to sew them halloween costumes.  They new the style of clown and witch they wanted to be.  They new what colors the fabric would be.  It was planned out.  My lecture obviously broke their hearts and I immediately regretted it.  And felt guilty.


Well, at least it would be cheaper to make something than buy it, right?

We went to to the fabric store one evening and picked out everything.  I made them shop from the clearance bin (though the overlay on MG’s costume is from the Halloween sale rack.)  Then I went to the register to pay, and about died when it all wrung up to $80.  For two (that is t-w-o) costumes that would still require at least 10 hours of my labor.


I’m done with B’s clown costume except for one sleeve.  I ran out of ric rac and couldn’t sew up the side seam with out it.  got the ric rac yesterday after school, worked on the sleeve for a whopping 10 minutes when a needle broke on the serger and the replacement one I had was the wrong size.  Back to the store tonight.

MG’s witch costume is done – though I haven’t made the hat or panties.  I have no intention of making the panties – she can just sit like a little lady while wearing it…  I might check out Walgreens and see how much a hat would be.  I hate, though, to spend another dime on halloween.  And having the hat match the dress would be awfully cute.

As with almost all my sewing projects, I’m a little disappointed with the witch costume.  It is cute.  But in an effort to keep the cost down I bought clearance satin fabric that is a little too stretchy for the two layers of underskirts.  The hem looks awful  as a result -.  I’m trying to decide if it is worth trying to fix – I’m thinking I could do a rolled hem with my overlock machine and it would look better.  I would have to buy more thread though – and I don’t want to spend any more money.  I’m stubborn.

C, at two, doesn’t care what he is for Halloween.  So, I’m thinking I’m going to use leftover fabric to make him a cape (once again, I refuse to spend any more money on Halloween – do you see a theme here?)  I figure I can buy him a pair of long underwear to wear under it – perhaps even finding some in red.  This purchase is o.k. as it is usable after Oct. 31.  I also have a bunch of felt I can use to make some sort of SuperBoy emblem for the front of the pajamas or the back of the cape.

DH heard my description of C’s costume and very nicely asked if he could have something similar.  What can I say – I love him and so told him I’d try.  Try, of course, being the operative word.

We have a Halloween dinner to go to at Grandpa’s club on Saturday night, so I better get busy.


I guess I also need to state right now that I know I will be very proud of my children in their home made costumes.  And they love having things that I make for them.  That makes it all worth while.  It is why I’m doing “this”…

Also – the sewing of the costumes is actually kind of fun.  Because they are costumes, the construction technique is a lot faster which this sewer who grew up in the age of instant gratification appreciates.



  1. You sound like such a wonderful mother. Yes, making your own things is less expensive, but the time invested is huge! “Sigh”.

    I’d love to see photos of your creations!

  2. John read this and told me how he totally remembers all the home made costumes his mother made for him. And I know my kids will too.

    I just wish it didn’t make me crazy.

  3. Do you remember any of your homemade costumes? There were quite a few but I especially remeber the Raggedy Ann one you wanted and wore with such pride. The wig was made out of yarn!

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