Posted by: heartfull | October 15, 2007


Two weeks ago I had a lengthy conversation with SaraJ about her daughter’s upcoming birthday party, which MG was invited to. We laughed about her last minute “cop-0ut” of renting an inflatable to keep the girls busy. I had, obviously, thought about this party. I had talked to the host about it. I had RSVP’d to it. It was on my Outlook Calendar (my new bible.)

Last Sunday I got a call about 12:50. Sara J was wondering if MG was going to come to the party.

Picture me racing around the house like a madwoman. I threw shoes on MG and ran in the basement, searching for a gift. I hadn’t even bought a gift! Luckily, I have a few things I keep on hand – things I see on sale or I know I want to give the girls for Christmas. The only thing I found that was appropriate for a six year old, though, was a “Pop Star” dance set that I had bought at the beginning of the summer at a second hand store. It looked like it had never been opened. It was in perfect shape. I didn’t want to open it and risk that brand-new look. I threw it in a gift bag and raced MG to the party, arriving at 1:00 (did I break some sort of record with that 10-minute performance?)

When we got there, SaraJ and I were talking. She said it was amazing – there were several girls absent from the party, but MG was the only one the other little girls missed. They kept asking where she was, so SaraJ called me. I was so glad she did this! And I wasn’t surprised MG was missed. She is just that kind of kid.

Over the past week I have been worried about that gift. Was it new? Was it all dirty on the inside? Was something missing? SaraJ is very involved at school – PTO president the last two years. Very nice and down to earth – but still. I don’t want to commit a social gaffe with her.

At another birthday party Friday night, SaraJ complimented me on the pop star gift. She told me how much her daughter liked it and played with it. She made no mention of the fact that it might not have been new. Thank you, God.

Both MG and B have birthday parties this weekend. Maybe I’ll hit the second hand store again…


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