Posted by: heartfull | October 15, 2007

C’s Words

How can each child be just as amazing as the last? Thank goodness we never grow jaded.

“Turn on!” and eventually “Turn light on!” and finally “Turn light off!”. These were one of his first “words” . I don’t think he understood they were sentences for quite a while. The kid is fascinated by anything that turns on.

“Whoof Whoof” for dog.

“Grooooooooowwwwwwl” for bear (we read a lot of Brown Bear, Brown Bear.) For the most realistic impersonation, this must be said with a deep, gravelly voice – just like a bear.

“Voom Voom” when he wants to ride on his Step Two car or Peg Perego battery operated tractor.

“Tick Tock” when he sees a clock on a building or any other surprising place. Though the other day he pointed at my watch and said it. I also heard him say “clock” a couple days ago. I’ll be sad when the official word replaces the sound!

“Hoo Hoo” while pointing at a dropped recorder (the musical instrument like a flute) that he wanted us to pick up for him. He had been pointing and grunting for a few moments and we were confused and he was frustrated. He practically screamed the Hoo Hoo, trying to get us to understand what he wanted. It was cute.

“I see it! I see it!” whenever he spies an airplane in the sky.

These are just the cuter ones I don’t want to forget. He says many other words that make my life as a mother easier. Words like milk, mommy (actually says “emmy” which I refuse to get upset about…), pee pee and poo poo (we are working on potty training), eat, sit, etc.

I wonder if it is common for boys to use sounds as descriptive words. I only have one boy, so I can’t compare. I do know his sisters never did that.

He does not say any names except for the mommy/emmy combination. No dad or his sisters’ names. I find that odd.


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