Posted by: heartfull | October 10, 2007


What should I call E? Sometimes I refer to her as “The Nanny” but it never feels right.

We hired E while I was on maternity leave with MG. She has been with us ever since and is truly a part of our family. The kids love her. She is C’s Godmother and B and MG were her flower girls and C her ring bearer last May. People tell me all the time how wonderful she is with my kids. Teachers, librarians, moms at the pool, moms at the library. People *I* have never met before stop me (because they recognize my kids) and tell me how loving, caring and understanding she is. One mom at preschool tried to steal her for her sister who had just had a baby. Grrr.

The kids love her mom, Sue, who they see quite often. One of their favorite outings is to go to Sue’s and hang out. Sue brings over donuts every so often and showers the kids with gifts at holiday time. E inherited her disposition from Sue, I would have to say.

There are no class issues between E and our family. She and her new husband just bought a house that is far nicer than ours.  Honestly, my bank account tells me that we really can’t afford her and yet, I can’t justify anything less for my kids if I’m going to work. I guess I’d rather skip a meal out than give up this childcare situation.

I don’t want to use E’s real name here. I am already tired of using the kids’ initials (on the third post!) and don’t want to confuse everyone (hi me!) with another one. “The Nanny” is, well, not me. “The Sitter” doesn’t hit home either. I think I’ll go with B’s nickname for her, “Emmy”.


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