Posted by: heartfull | October 9, 2007

One Down

The begining.

First, let me introduce us. Two parents, three kids, one dog. We live in suburbia outside a Midwest city. I’m keeping this blog as a journal of our family for years to come. I forget so much. These days I just admit that I have no long term memory instead of trying to pretend that I recall some funny anecdote. Really, though? I don’t want to forget anything.

B is 8, a sensitive girl who loves school and is battling with the realization that she isn’t the *best* at everything. More annoyingly, sometimes her little sister is better than her. This creates drama. But, she is very good at many, many things. Like art, reading, writing, introspection, piano and soccer. She is beautiful, charming and loving. She has a first-best friend as well as a second and third. They worked this out at school, and apparently the distinctions don’t bother them.

MG is 5 and spunky. She is an amazing child who has said the funniest things I have ever heard. She can be a master teaser – she knows just what to say or do to get under her sister’s skin. Just the other day she taught herself to whistle for, I believe, the sole purpose of tormenting her older sister who has been trying to master it for a year. But she is a ray of light, quite simply. From day one people have been drawn to her (and she to them.)

C was two as in August. He is charming and funny and currently his favorite things are to dance and play outside.

John is finishing up the last semester of his MBA. He is a network administrator at a manufacturing facility during the day. We have been married for 13 years and are happy, content and still in love.

I am Sara. I chose Heartfull because my last name is pronounced “hart-line” and one day when I was 24 I had to fire a big, burly laborer who actually thought I was going to give him a raise. After I did the deed, the guys started calling me Sara Hart-less. But of course, that isn’t me. Hopefully this blog will convey that.

I work 6 am to 12 pm each morning so that I can be home with my kids as much as possible. I still feel bummed that I miss the mornings. We have a “nanny” that comes to the house who is wonderful. I have a nice circle of friends who I see far too little of. I used to scrapbook, before having a third child. I can sew – though it is pretty much relegated to the occasional dress for the girls or, currently, Halloween costumes. I don’t mind cooking and actually enjoy it when a toddler isn’t hanging on me. I love reading and joined a book club a year ago. I like to go out with friends but can’t afford the freaking babysitter, so I usually just have lunch with them before going home in the afternoon. But then there is no beer or wine and that is sad.

I’m sure no one will be reading this but me. And yet, I’m selfconsious. I guess because someone could read this. Then, why do it? The answer is, so that I don’t forget.


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